1. The Bright Exchange is a non-profit organization operating within the terms of its Constitution, which enables members to trade by means of a local currency called Brights.

2. Subscriptions: There is a fee/donation to join the scheme, currently £10 /£6 unwaged. 10/6 Brights will be credited to the new member account to start them off trading. Joining fees and renewal fees in sterling payment may be invited by the scheme, and will be acknowledged by the deposit of an equivalent number of Brights into the member's account from the system account.

3. Key Information is available to all members to facilitate networking and trading. Members agree to The Bright Exchange holding their personal details online and making such details available to other members as are relevant to the purpose of exchange. NB.Members addresses can only be viewed by the Core group. Members also agree to the directory of goods and services being visible online - anonymously - to the general public for publicity purposes and to members with their contact details. The Core group administrators may edit (or delete if deemed inappropriate) members' online information. They will advise members of substantive alterations, and will provide support to individuals who need help to access and update their accounts.

4. Data Management: Members agree to
1. keep their own passwords secure and not to reveal other member’s personal details to non-members
2. to record their own transactions promptly
3. to keep their personal information and listings up to date
Likewise, the administrators undertake to keep information secured and backed up and not to convey information on individuals to anyone outside the system. It is the responsibility of any members who are trading on a professional basis to account to the Inland Revenue where appropriate.

5. Disclaimer: The Bright Exchange accepts no responsibility for the standard or quality of services or items traded, members must ascertain this for themselves. Neither the CORE Group cannot be responsible for any member acting outside the law.

6. Trading:
6.1. Members are not obliged to accept any particular invitation to trade, or to engage in any transaction whatsoever with other members. The standard work rate is SIX Brights per hour, although higher or lower ratees may be negotiated. Members are advised to agree terms with others members prior to trading, in order to avoid any misunderstandings arising.
6.2. Members may engage in any transaction entirely in Brights, or on a part sterling, part Bright basis, but only the Brights are recorded in the system. Part sterling may cover things like reasonable expenses e.g bus fares to travel to the members home or the cost of materials used. Members are entitled to know the balance and turnover of each other's accounts and this information may be viewed online by members. Members may use the feedback facility provided and may also use information about previous trading to obtain references prior to trading.

7. Authorisation: Only the account holder can authorize the transfer of Brights from their account to that of another. Members may either carry out their own transactions online or submit signed cheques to the Core group administrators to record them centrally. Members may appoint a "buddy" to act on their behalf or assist them in managing their online account and should advise the Core group of the arrangement.

8. Meetings: Members are encouraged to attend and have an input into General meetings where they have a right to vote. Decisions should be minuted and made available to members promptly after each meeting. General meetings have a separate purpose from social meetings but may be combined if appropriate.

9. Code of Behaviour: Members are expected to treat each other with courtesy and consideration at all times. Personal phone calls and email messages should be returned.

10. Disputes: If a dispute arises between members, the aggrieved party should initially seek to resolve the matter with the member/s concerned. If this is unsuccessful they should provide full details to the CORE Group, who may recommend a mediator, with the agreement of all parties. If the matter remains unresolved after one month, or earlier if it is an emergency, a minimum of four members may call an Extra-ordinary General Meeting.

11. Closing Accounts: Anyone wishing to leave the scheme must inform the Core group and balance their account by donating a positive balance to another account, (an individual, organisation or fund) or if they are in debt by working for another member, or a project, to bring their balance to zero. As a last resort a member whose account is in debt may settle up by an equivalent donation to the scheme in pounds sterling.

Management Committee version as at 16.03.18

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